Services Offered
We meet our clients' individual challenges by deploying our professional team of technology experts who are integrated into, and become a critical resource to our clients. Our commitment to our clients is demonstrated through successfully meeting our clients' project goals from design and architecture until the completion.

EPMG recognizes that resources are a critical element in the success of any project and that proper expertise is essential to meeting project requirements and timelines. As our client, EPMG is committed

to your success by providing the expertise your organization requires to successfully complete your projects.

This commitment is why EPMG works in close partnership with each of our clients in order to identify their individual project, information systems, technical environment, and timelines needs. This partnership approach allows us to provide you, as our client, with the EPMG solution every time.

This unique partnership approach to consulting has allowed EPMG to achieve an outstanding reputation for professionalism and performance across a variety of technologies, industries, and projects. Why not leverage the resources of our unique organization and unleash your potential with EPMG!

Look to EPMG for the most qualified consultants and technical solutions for all of your project needs.

EPMG Provides the following services


  • Defining the developer’s requirements, Functional planning
  • Selection and appointment of consultants
  • Liaison with various consultants and authorities having jurisdiction
  • Cost controls and accounting, Procurement and expediting
  • Site construction Management
  • Quality assurance, quality control and safety
  • Pre Tendering, Tender Evaluation and Post Contract Assistance
  • Quantity Surveying and Procurement Management
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